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Some find love at first sight. For Tiney and Laura, it was best friendship at first beer.

The two met while in college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and quickly bonded over the enjoyment of good company, live music and tasty beverages. That was back when they preferred cracking open a Miller Lite or slapping a bag of Franzia — only the classy stuff. In the decade since, they continued to practice the art of drinking with ambitions of becoming professionals of the industry.

Tiney serves as beer editor for GuideLive, the entertainment arm of The Dallas Morning News, and is in the midst of completing the Beer Judging Certification Program. Her preferred style of beer is an IPA, but she’ll try anything once, from fruity, funky and traditional flavors to homemade malt liquor.

Laura, an independent yoga instructor and photographer, earned her intro sommelier certification with the Court of Masters in spring 2018 and is working on her second level certification. Laura’s studies of viticulture and enology led her to Australia, where she’s exploring the wine industry.

Grapes and Grain podcast chronicles the women’s exploits along their journey to achieving professional boozehounds status and all the interesting things they learn about beer and wine along the way. So grab a drink, tune in and join the party. Cheers!


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