Episode 6: Booze Liker Jagger

Celebrities — they’re drunk like us! Tiney and Laura bust out some questionable karaoke after taking tequila shots and discussing actors, athletes and bands that have their own beer or wine. Plus, an interview with singer/songwriter and indie music sensation Sarah Jaffe, who created her own beer in 2018.

Our special guest: Sarah Jaffe

Dallas-based indie musician Sarah Jaffe released an original beer in 2018, called Bad Baby, so named for her latest album and single by the same name. The beer, created by Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. in Plano, is inspired by the Paloma cocktail, which traditionally features tequila and grapefruit juice. It’s a light, easy-drinking fruited beer that clocks 5.5 percent ABV. The super cool artwork was done by John Lisle, who designed Jaffe’s album art.

Ok we’ll be the first ones to admit we should have lead with the Sarah Jaffe interview in this episode!! But the interview Tiney landed with the talented and hilarious local legend wasn’t a sure thing until after we recorded. We are SO grateful for Sarah Jaffe’s time and think it deserves a second listen! You can hear her thoughts on the local craft beer scene and her contribution to it at the link above (towards the end of the episode). Why don’t you grab one of these amazing beverages featured in our “Whatchu Drinkin?” segment while you listen!

Whatchu Drinkin:

IMG_5502Special Edition Rolling StonesTM Jose Cuervo Especial® Silver: This is just the same great Jose Cuervo you’re used to mixing in your margs, except it comes in a commemorative Rolling Stones bottle. When the band travelled the US in 1972 they caught a reputation for being rowdy and tequila fueled – the tour would infamously be known as the “Tequila Sunrise Tour”. To celebrate that bit of rock music lore Jose Cuervo released this limited edition bottle. 


IMG_5497Modano’s 561 by Rabbit Hole Brewing: This clean, crisp, kolsch style beer was created in a loose collaboration with the beloved Dallas athlete. The brewers of Rabbit Hole have a mutual friend with Mike Modano, and after meeting the brewers crafted a beer with soft malts and fruity hops that fit Modano’s tasted perfectly. Modano decided to call the beer 561 to commemorate his 561 goals made as a professional hokey player (that’s a record for american born hokey players!) This beer uses German Pilsner malts with noble hops to create a light, refreshing brew.
IMG_5493Sublime Mexican Lager by AleSmith Brewing Co.: These are the heart warming moments when you realize just how well your best friends know you *ugly cry* Tiney surprised us with this iconic and nostalgic brew. Ale Smith Brewing Company out of San Diego, California teamed up with the co-founder of Sublime, Bud Gaugh to create this Mexican style lager to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their amazing “40oz to Freedom” album (one of our favorite albums!). They crafted a beer that is clean and crisp, slightly sweet with subdues hops, and an all around tasty beer to drink in the southern California sun. Speaking of suns, the gorgeous can features the Sublime sun logo that fans know and love – we really hope Bradley Nowell would be proud that his legacy still touches the lives of fans around the world today. “Two pints of brew, tell me are you a badfish too.” 

IMG_5505Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret: This is one of our favorite affordable go-tos at the ol’ bottle shop, at just $10 a bottle the California take on a Bordeaux Blend is a great buy. And damn she looks good in gold! Claret is a term that the English have historically used to describe red wines from the Bordeaux region of France, and along with the term Meritage, it has evolved into use by winemakers around the world who create a Bordeaux style blend. This wine sports 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Petit Verdot, 4% Petite Sirah and spends 14 months in French Oak.


Bad Baby Unlawful Brewing Co.: Sarah Jaffe’s inspiration for this brew comes form the Paloma cocktail (tequila, grapefruit soda, and lime – yum!!) she wanted to create something citrusy and refreshing for the Texas heat. Unlawful Brewing Co. based out of Plano, TX is no stranger to tropical fruit flavors in their beer, Idol Time Passionfruit Pineapple and Idol Time Agave Lime are wildly popular! 


We featured a few more boozy cameos in this episode than normal, but we just couldn’t resist! Our favorite artists are pursuing their passion for all things alcoholic, it was fun to partake in their vision and find inspiration for chasing our dreams at the bottom of the glass as well! Cheers yall!

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